donderdag 27 mei 2010


Today I had to make a lot of homework, it's stressing me out! I wear my crochet top with my favourite tregging! The weather is bad today, I'm wondering when the sun will show itself again. Don't pay attention to my tired face, the reason of it: I was still sleeping.

Well, I still have to do a lot for school so,
Have a nice day,

boots: Van Woensel tregging: H&M crochet top: Vintage singlet: C&A belt: Vintage big stone ring: gift from boyfriend silver ring: '' peace bracelet: From France purple stone bracelet: Vintage hart necklace: DIY

7 opmerkingen:

  1. mooie top! ik zou niet weten of de clogs nog te koop zijn, ik heb ze in maart gekocht!

  2. Love your top,its beautiful :)
    Vanilah xx

  3. die ring is leuk «3!
    btw je profielfoto is superrrrr (met dat oog) :)!