woensdag 26 mei 2010

Head over heels

Today I wear a simple outfit. A large blousse, short, and high heels. I love the heels, but I can't walk for a long time on them. Today we'll have a replacement teacher for philosophy. My other philosophy teacher got a month ago perilous ill and is still in the hospital. I miss him cause he's such a good teacher! Blugghh, This weather sucks, it almost rains and it's cold! Summer were are you??
Have a nice day,

heels: Van Haren short: H&M blousse: Vintage necklace: As a gift from boyfriend
shawl: Vintage

7 opmerkingen:

  1. REPLY: Ik heb hem gewonnen bij de Jackie! Maar ik weet dat hij via de Grazia shop te krijgen is :)

    Wat een mooie blouse heb je! Kleur is ook echt prachtig! XXX

  2. Leuke ketting hoor! :D
    De rest van je outfit vind ik ook erg nice, alleen jammer dat je je bh ziet..

  3. ze zijn wel heel mooi die laarsjes!

  4. Hey there. Great post here. I enjoy checking out your blog. Hope you've had a wonderful week. Enjoy the upcoming weekend.