woensdag 21 april 2010

Quick post

A quick post for today cause I've to study for history and social sciences!
Today I heard my philosophy teacher is in a critical condition in the hospital, he lie's in a coma! I'm so in shock! He's such a good and nice teacher who's really inspiring!
My outfit for today. The skirt I got by the mom of my boyfriend in two different colors! She's so nice!! They're from Kookai, such a wonderful label!
Have a nice day,

WEARING heels: H&M skirt: Kookai shirt: Zeeman watch: Vintage bracelet: Vintage earrings: as a gift from boyfriend

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely outfit.
    I love the absence of colors.
    That skirt really gives a perfect Chanel feeling combinated with these wedges and earrings!
    Wonderfull girl!

  2. Gorgeous skirt. You look simply stunning.
    I just finished my exams! Good luck.
    Xoxo Veronica