dinsdag 20 april 2010


I wear my new Oasis shirt! I also have it in a t-shirt, but to me it's a bit difficult to combine the blue in a good way, so I combined it simple and safe with black. It's a bit windy as you can see, but it gives that special effect!
Tell me what you think, positive and negative comments are welcome!

boots: van Woensel short: H&M blue shirt: OASIS necklace: Vintage bracelet: H&M men department

7 opmerkingen:

  1. wauw i love your necklace !
    xx www.maaureeen.blogspot.com

  2. prachtig! Wat ben jij een mooi meisje zeg. Je hebt hele mooie uitkijk bij andere foto's viel dat niet zo op.

  3. the blue colour suits you really good. With black pants, all the attention goes on the shirt, but you can play more with, in order to enhance it. Dare to use more than two colours, some electric pink or grey will "alive" the look. You have a very cute blog!


  4. mooi, I love ur blue sweater is very perfect on you and you have beautiful long hairs, you make me jealous