zondag 14 juli 2013


1. I bought these two 100ml parfums at Douglas last week, Chopard Casmir and Calvin Klein Obsession. Both are oriental sweet feminine scents.
2. Now I'm having vacation I'm having a lot of spare time which I spend with reading good books while sitting in the sun. I love to read psychology books about love, relationships and about raising children.
3. My old Samsung Galaxy just died so I had to buy another phone. I choose for the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus in white. I love the simplicity of the design.
4. I went two times to Primark, the one in Essen and Almere. I just love these espadrilles and decided to buy them all.
5. This vacation I'm cleaning my closet and also making pictures of all the shoes, clothes and jewelry I have so I can make myself a simple overview so I won't forget any items.
6. This top I bought at the Zara Sale. I love the kind of lion with the text I can't read.

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