donderdag 29 maart 2012


I'm working on a few items in which I will show you my beautyhabits and the things I learned about beauty.
In this post I'm showing some stuff I eat everyday.

The picture shows you: soy drink, seaweed, green tea, cranberries and raisins

  • Soy contains a lot of proteins, fibres and vitamin B. Soy products are perfect for vegetarians like me, I also really like tofu.
  • seaweed is a really upcoming vegetable because of it's healthy benefits. It contains a lot of minerals, vitamin A, C and E, vegetable proteins, antioxidants and lot's more. There's one downside of the seaweed, the packaging says; Warning, rich in iodine, an excessive usage can cause disturbance of the thyroid gland.
  • green tea contains less caffeine, antioxidants, minerals, and helps by losing weight. It needs to be consumed when it still hot to conserve it's benefits.
  • cranberries are antibacterial, high in fibres, contains minerals, vitamins, and cranberries are good for your bladder.
  • I like to eat raisins since I was a kid. Good for me they are against tooth caries, contain antioxidants, and are perfect to eat when you need a energykick.       

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  1. I've actually tried seaweed and it's not that bad, and if it has all these benefits then it's even better :)