zaterdag 4 september 2010

see through

Today my BF came to my hometown and we went shopping,
ofcours I bought way to much!
I bought the blue Chivenchy like H&M dress in sale,
 3 basic tops, a present for my daddy, and lot's more.
I also have a queation for you:
 What do I have to buy for my boyfriend for being two years together?
I already gave him a watch, parfume, a ring, and a  bracelet.

heels: Invito joggers: Lidl blousse: H&M necklace: vintage

11 opmerkingen:

  1. ik ben ook zo slecht in kadotjes verzinnen! mooie make-up en de laatste foto vind ik gaaf! is dat jurkje nu in de sale?!

  2. oh dat kan :) ik ga van de week wel eens kijken.. denk niet dat ik hem koop maar wil toch niets mislopen xd. woont je vriend trouwens niet (meer) in arnhem? omdat dat zo leek hoe je het schreef :)...

  3. lovely outfit :)

    the jacket is from H&M..i bought it online for 30 € is new collection! :)

  4. So simple and beautiful!
    Love your hair. So angelic

  5. I like the see through look on you! You are gorgeous!

    Those black boots are fabulous!


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  6. Love your outfit! =)

  7. Cute outfit :) You look great!


  8. Wow dat staat je echt leuk! Mij zou dat dus gewoon echt niet staan.

  9. Love your necklace! :)
    If you want visit and follow:

  10. Hey =)
    I think you could make your boyfriend a photoalbum of all your memories together, because two years is a really long time, and you've already given him matierial things. Just make it as creative as your blog and I'm sure he will love it!!!
    Good luck!!!