maandag 2 augustus 2010

Inspired by Givenchy

heels: Invito skirt+top+jacket: H&M earring: Vintage necklace: H&M

A lot of H&M today! The jacket is one of my favourites and I tryed to combined it the Givenchy way, did I pass?
The weather is not great while it's summer, and I hate it. We had a really long winter so I need this summer so bad, look at my legs, they need summer too. I look a bit moody on the pictures but I'm not^^
The black heels are almost three years old and I defenitly want some new ones.


10 opmerkingen:

  1. LOVE your jacket so much!!! you look COOL!!!! xoxo

  2. mooi jasje en rokje idd! schoenen vind ik minder

  3. i like your look,nice blog i follow you

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  4. wow! this is sooo givenchy. i love it! u have great style :)

  5. I love that jacket. I was going to get it but I ought the dress instead.
    strutt mode