maandag 19 juli 2010

Current obsessions

1. The perfect leather short.

2. The Zara clogs

3. Stuff from

4. The grey hoodie which is so comfortable you can sleep in it!
Sorry, for not posting the past few days but the reason of it is simple. I don't have an camera at the moment cause my Nikon Coolpix L110 is still on my way and my parents are on vacation, so I had nothing. Luckely my boyfiend just brought me his camera to lend it.

14 opmerkingen:

  1. All of the images are truly inspiring, I love all of them, as for my glasses, the brand is LEVI'S, I only changed the lenses to two tone prescription ones (because I am short sighted :)) hope this helps, have a fabulous monday darling, XOXO

  2. great photographs, love the fourth one! awesome outfits x

  3. love all of these must have items!

  4. Like them all, ik zoek zelf nog mooie leren shorts en Ydeltuyt is gewoon fantastisccchhh :D. Die Zara clogs zijn overigens 1 van de weinige clogs die ik ├ęcht mooi vind, waarschijnlijk komt dat door de band om de enkels, die maakt ze veel minder 'lomp' dan die instap clogs ofzo.

  5. ah dankjewel! ik volg jou ook.
    want jou blog is ook gewoon fijn! hah.


  6. I love the zara trouser :)))
    Great images !!!

  7. I love the grey hoodie, especially when combined with the leather jacket.
    Fab blog x

  8. wow! thanks for letting me know.
    Yes I was VERY proud and happy.
    if you had not warned me I'd never know!
    then thank you very much!