woensdag 7 juli 2010


Today I went to the city to exchange some stuff and I noticed I still had 18 euros on my Bodyshop giftcard, so I went to the Bodyshop and I bought a lot of new beautystuff.
I love the Bodyshop so mutch cause they're against animal testing.
From left to right:coco body butter - Carott moisturize creme - Aloe Vera facial cleanser -
Passion fruit facial cleansing gel - a gentle wash cloth.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik ben ook heel tevreden met mijn aankopen & zo goedkoop ook! Ik ga trouwens nooit naar The bodyshop! Ik ga altijd naar Rituals omdat ik er werk ^^ is het goed The Bodyshop?

  2. ME too, i'm a fan of Bodyshop too, and I swear by their Body Butter, gotta love 'em, have a wonderful day, xoxo

  3. Ik vind Rituals best wel duur! Maar je doet er lang mee & het is echt wel de moeite! xxx

  4. Bodyshop is the best, I love their products!!!

  5. hi... this is my first time visiting your blog.. nice blog and style..

    i love body shop also because they are natural and appreciate their costumer :)

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