vrijdag 16 april 2010


I finally post my Amsterdam pictures! Finally! Hope you'll like them!

Our first picture. We drove with the scooter to the railway station and we traveled by train.

Discovering our room with so mutch cool stuff, like Philips mood light.
Start of the second day! We did and we walked so mutch!

Everybody drives the Holleeder scooter (He's a famous criminal in the Netherlands)

Eating food a Thai restaurant! It was delicious! I ate tofu because I'm a vegetarian.(Beer is from boyfriend)

Ofcourse we had to make a pictures by the famous IAMsterdam.
Before our four start hotel stood three Lamborghini's and one Maserati!
What a mess!!
Sitting in the sun on a terrace with a fresh smoothie!

Just wanted to make a little post of my outfit! So what do you think?
The sexmuseum! I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable as you can see! Hahah

Doing a cruise through the canals of Amsterdam!
We have to go home!! Noooo,.... The design of the hotel!
Waiting for our train back home and eating sushi on our way.
Does anybody know what this means?

5 opmerkingen:

  1. OMG these are such fun pics !!! Thx for sharing... I especially love the pic of your hotel room afterwards bc that's how our room looks too :)

    Mon Mode Blog

  2. Geweldige foto´s ik kan zien dat je het heel leuk hebt gehad. Lekker met je vriend er tussen uit! Vooral die foto van jullie tweetjes is erg lief chick.

  3. oh my god that car is amazing. love the photos!

  4. Ziet er gezellig uit! Ben zelf ook vegetariƫr, haha.

  5. Woo wat voor ziek hotel zat je hee:P Echt super mooi! Leuke foto's heb je gemaakt.